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About us

We are a full-service software development company. We are breaking the stereotypes of outsourcing. With keeping you in almost full control of your project, we provide you with an option of "Team as a Service" and "Optimal Outsourcing". Additionally, we help our client in pre-software development analysis.

Microsoft Azure Consultancy

We are a Microsoft Solutions Provider company and focusing to provide our clients with public cloud optimization, configuration and migration services. Which also includes hybrid cloud solutions

Optimal Outsourcing

We have a robust system of analyzing your problems and a robust agile team to provide you awesome deliverables. Before we start working, we write your product specifications, which includes a demo, upfront. The demo is made possible by communications with all the stackholders. We do not start working on something without your approval and validation.

Team as a Service

With Pixelon Studios Team as a Service, you can get your team built in matter of a few days. You will have full control of your team. In addition, we provide you with a Project Manager to bring the best out of your team, and help you in communications with the team.
The team we build for you, will be available for you for a certain timeframe, as per your requirement (minimum two months, one month for exceptional cases). A minimal team specifications are given below:

  • Two Developers
    One frontend, one backend
  • One QA Professional
    Optional in some cases
  • One Project Management Professional
    Optional in some cases
  • Which model to choose?

    It all depends on how you want us to help you in your success. If you need a team of experienced and trusted developers, and you want the control, you can go with Team as a Service model. If you want your product, or portion of your work done by us, and you do not want a complete team, we can work with you on Optimal Outsourcing model.

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