We have rebuilt and simplified our website.

Please visit our new website.

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We have rebuilt and simplified our website.

Please visit our new website.

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One of the top web design services in Dubai, London, Lahore and Boston.


We build custom applications and software using state-of-the-art development standards. We deliver clean, well-documented code through agile (SCRUM) methodology including superior UI/UX and innovative features that delight the user wherever possible. We maximize ROI through continued support and maintenance, monitoring user behavior, cloud server architectures and third-party components, and by making sure the build  solution stays up to date in the constantly evolving technology space.


Under Pixelon Studios’s Team as a Service (TaaS) offering, clients get quick access to united and a working together effectively team of cross-platform coders, designers, QA professionals and support engineers with any desired skills including a Project Manager who leads your project to the end.

Why Taas is of value for organizations?

  • TaaS is of value with an unforeseen increase in development projects
  • TaaS is of value with a temporary spike (of a few months or quarters) in dev.
  • TaaS is of value with capacity issues due to high fluctuationa.
  • TaaS is of value with need for a rapid prototype.

Reason to choose us for TaaS

It is always the hardest part to combine the group of skilled people to make a team and get results. While working with us we will ensure that you are not working with individuals but it is a team instead. When you start with a group of individuals you cannot expect them to click and get an optimum performance. When you pick a coherent Team which we will provide you, you get significantly better performance even in the initial period.

Professional Knowledge & Skill for Accomplishment of the Task

We have experts of backend, web frontend, android, IOS, frameworks, cloud solutions, CMS, continuous integration, task automation, Cross platform tools, Main programming tools, Version Control Systems (VCS), CI / CD, PM tools, Cloud, Collaboration tools, development tools, quality tools / frameworks / terminologies and they can collaburate each other to make a perfect solution and let your program/task done efficiently.