Who we are?

Our Mission

To scale your engineering teams, by simplifying the outsourcing processes.

Our Vision
Make talented and united virtual teams available to every business and entrepreneur.
Radically Collaborated Efforts
  • We think that the best and most practical resource should be exerted to achieve time and cost effective solution with less effort.
  • We have a team of good and experienced project managers, architect, designers and coders. We choose to enforce team collaboration in our workflow in order to guarantee results.
Fields of Activity
  • Pixelon Studios is a Microsoft Partner and Solutions Provider company.
  • Since its perception, we are focused to input most practical and promising techniques to get better output to get the exact results you really want.

How we work?

Specifications and Analysis

Before starting to work on your project or tasks, we provide you with Product and Technical Specifications. Depending on project complexity, we spend enough time on understanding and documenting each and every detail of your requirements.

In some cases, we provide Product and Technical Specifications upfront, with no costs. This helps you, and us to be exact about what we are doing for you.

Agility and Delivery

We have implemented a robust framework of delivery with Agility in our work. To minimize the overhead of project management on your side, we dene a timeline, and dene length of each scrum. Each project or task is divided into one or multiple scrums.

This helps you to be informed of the status of each and every detail of your project delivery. Our engineers work hard to deliver you on time, with almost no delays.

Quality Assurance

To maintain quality assurance of the deliverables, our engineers make it sure to quality-test each and every detail of your product before a scrum length ends. We do not compromise on quality.

Our mission is to deliver you with the best, with balance and efficiency in costs, time-frames, delivery.

Customer Service and Support

We are always ready, 24/7 to solve your issues. All you need to do, is to drop an email. And let our Customer Service Representative deal with your issues.

Minimal Management Overhead

In the initial stages of our process, we make sure to customize our process that it minimizes management overhead on your side. Our process of thorough requirement gathering and analysis makes it easy for you and us to work and deliver on time.

Trust and Compliance

We build our trust with you as we work for you. And we make sure, the deliverables are in compliance with standards and government policies. For example, data privacy laws such as GDPR and DPA.

We do not compromise on compliance with standards and policies.



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